What People Are Saying

"My working with Deb Peterson at her June 23 Wellness Gala left me with a feeling of much admiration and thanks for her efficiency and ability to bring together a group of people who created an energy field to work in that left me feeling energized and fulfilled."


                                                                                       Bernie Siegel, MD


"As an exhibitor, I have had many experiences at various locations showcasing over the years.  This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being apart of a very upscale exclusive event at the West Side Presbyterian Church in Ridgewood, New Jersey.  My associate, Ivona, and I were so busy, we could have used a third person at our booth! Our experience was wonderful -- one of the best and most productive I have had showcasing (and I exhibit a lot!). I have to say, I was anticipating this; there was something about the event organizers Deb Peterson and Betsy Spaeth that I found very appealing.  I also liked the idea of it being in a church location; it gave me a sense that the people attending would be open and receptive to our technologies and services. Cello music greeted you as you entered the vestibule (Narthex) of the church and singer Elisa Brown sang beautifully throughout the day in concerts offered in the Sanctuary. An espresso coffee bar was appreciated by all, complimented with luscious petit fours. Wellness Practitioners, Speakers, and Vendors offered their expertise and services in holistic and healing modalities which attendees enjoyed throughout the day. Overall, the event was well attended, exceptionally done and thoroughly thought out. I look forward to returning for the next Balance Your LIFE...A Wellness GALA!"  

                                               Laura Fallon, NuSkin AntiAging Specialist



"I cannot say enough good things about today's Wellness Gala. I thought I would go in for an hour or so and get a massage and maybe buy some essential oils or something and then go on with my day.  I ended up staying for four hours instead!  There was just so much to experience that I didn't want to leave.  There was even a wine and cheese reception and an amazing cabaret show at the end.  This was a real treat.  Thank you so much!"


Mary Bernstien, Short Hills, N.J.



"I was so pleased with the event on June 28th. The Wellness Gala was a huge success for so many reasons.  I was able to meet some wonderful practitioners as well as treat so many people who attended. The schedule of events was terrific and I wish I could have attended those as well.  I did take a break for the closing celebration and was treated to the most beautiful concert from Elisa Brown, who was accompanied by Virginia Luque on guitar. I was impressed with the amount of help from all of the staff. Betsy Spaeth and Debbie Peterson were well prepared and kept circulating to ensure everyone was taken care of. I would love to participate in the next Gala. 


Dr. Harry R. Elia, Emerson, NJ



“A revolution in holistic health education. Ms. Peterson's Wellness Galas combine practical learning with first rate entertainment to produce an experience where mind, body and spirit really come together.”


Dr. Robert Kandarjian, Ridgefield, N.J.



“Balance Your Life… A Wellness Gala, was great place to learn about a variety of practitioners and their modalities. The access to try different treatments all in one place was amazing. This was all presented in a professional and elegant atmosphere which made the entire experience very enjoyable.”


Aaron Eisenberg, Morristown, NJ



"Thank you so much for the opportunity to offer Reiki to the participants. I was proud to be a part the exceptional line up of practitioners that were in attendance at the Wellness Gala in Morristown.

The event was of the highest caliber, between the ambiances of the facility, the upscale dress code of the participants, and the wonderful food and drink that were being passed around, I really felt that I was at celestial. I look forward to working with you in future events."


Linda L Lindemann-Gros, KRMT



"This event was unlike any wellness fair I have ever attended. It was top notch all the way. Restful, rejuvenating,and exciting. A refreshing change from the Helter Skelter atmosphere I expected."

Carol Pierce, Morris, NJ



"I just wanted to say that my girlfriend and I attended the Wellness Gala and had a WONDERFUL time!  Our minds were full of great information and energy! We got there at 1 and the day just flew! It seemed like there wasn’t enough time to do everything! We both look forward to attending more of these events in the future.   (I’d even go alone or drag my husband if I had to!)."


Jean, Ridgewood, NJ







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