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Deb Peterson is the founder of Debbie Peterson Wellness Events, LLC and creator of Balance Your Life™ Wellness Gala™.  Deb's mission is to inform the mainstream population about the many benefits of alternative healing modalities and holistic wellness.  A graduate of Old Dominion University with a degree in Marketing, Deb entered the workforce and was a successful sales executive for 15 years before branching out on her own.


Deb’s story in her own words: I was a mainstream marketing professional working for Russ Berrie & Co Inc. in outside sales for 15 years when quite unexpectedly, my oldest son started to display odd behaviors. From that moment on, my life was completely changed.

My son was diagnosed with severe Tourettes Syndrome. I exhausted all traditional medical treatments available, yet his symptoms worsened and his prognosis was bleak. The mainstream medical community states that there is no cure for this syndrome and that, over time, symptoms can worsen. Even though I was completely unaware of holistic healing techniques, I was so desperate to help my son that I turned to alternative healing modalities as a last resort.

I was led to an energy healer, Dr. Robert Kandarjian, who completely healed my son of Tourettes. Dr. Kandarjian worked with my entire family to heal my son. His philosophy to always work with the parents first to begin the child's healing process was the perfect approach for my son's healing. It has been twelve years since he has displayed any symptoms and has not been treated since being healed by Dr. Kandarjian. 

The idea to create a Wellness Gala™ event grew from my realization that integrative healing modalities can work miracles. My goal is to inform people everywhere that these modalities are legitimate options that can help any type of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues or problems. I was guided to host a Wellness Gala™ event that celebrates healing and fosters inner and outer beauty. I wanted it be different from anything I had ever seen before.  On February 8th 2009, I hosted my first Balance Your Life™ Wellness Gala™ event and donated a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Tourettes Syndrome Association of NJ.  The results exceeded my greatest expectations -- 350 people were in attendance.

From that point forward the Balance Your Life™ Wellness Gala™ event has established itself as a unique event that provides attendees the opportunity to experience the special gifts of a select group of practitioners in the fields of health, beauty and wellness. Holistic health concepts and modalities, rejuvenation and stress reduction techniques, and personal growth workshops are all featured at the Balance Your Life™ Wellness Gala™ events. My goal and aspiration is to touch new lives every day and to introduce mainstream America to the benefits of holistic healing modalities. 



To create awareness, educate, and promote the benefits and effectiveness of holistic health and alternative healing modalities to the mainstream population.


We have of a core team of experts in their fields to assist us in a national roll out of the Balance Your Life…A Wellness Gala concept. To date, we have done over 400 Wellness Galas in the NY Tri-state area.


Our long term vision is to host regional Balance Your Life™ Wellness Gala™ events that will reach thousands of Americans nationwide.


Since 2009, we have produced over 500 Wellness Gala events nationwide. These include our own Wellness Galas, Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Spa & Beauty, and Grand Openings. We have also produced events in hospitals, schools, and departments stores, helping to educate people everywhere of the benefits of holistic and integrative medicine.







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